Torex cough syrup – its ingredients and uses

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Changing weather can cause various problems to human beings. A normal functioning body can turn into an ailing body due to various diseases which are caused by the phenomenon. Cold and sore throat are the most common problems which human beings face during transition in season. Moreover, unhealthy lifestyle and drinking cold drinks can also lead to cough which can last for several days. Persistent coughing can also lead to bronchitis which can affect the immunity system of a body.

Torex Cough Syrup Company has created an Ayurvedic cough syrup which combines the power of various natural ingredients like honey and tulsi to create a safe herbal medicine.

Torex cough syrup is an Ayurvedic miracle which helps an Individual get relief from dry, wet or chronic cough. It is completely safe as it is made by combining various natural ingredients like

  1. Tulsi – considered to be a natural healer of many problems and strengthens the immune system. It helps in reducing various respiratory problems like chronic bronchitis etc.
  2. Bana pasha – helps to remove excess mucus from naval passages and is treated to be anti inflammatory which helps in reducing any swelling caused due to incessant coughing.
  3. Tejpata – staple ingredient in every Indian household which is used for treating cough and various other respiratory problems. It anti allergic properties can help in reducing allergic symptoms like runny nose etc.
  4. Kali mirch – breaks up mucus which in turn heals wet cough.
  5. Aamlaki – helps to heal the throat post throat infection and can help in regaining the original voice of the patient.
  6. Pippali – this herb acts as a decongestant for lungs. It helps in preventing cold from forming in the lungs in the first place.
  7. Madhu or honey – which gives a soothing sensation and relied to the throat.

These are few of the many ingredients which are combined to make Torex cough syrup. The syrup is safe for consumption by children and adults. The syrup must be consumed in small quantities using appropriate measuring cup or spoon. It must be taken with water which is slightly warm in order to receive full benefits. Moreover, the syrup must be consumed at fixed intervals or as prescribed by the doctor.

Apart from all the benefits and uses, Torex cough syrup can cause some Allergic reactions from a natural ingredient. Therefore, it becomes essential to understand the composition of the syrup before consumption in order to save one from such side effects. Patient must also inform his/her doctor regarding the side effects from the syrup to receive any counter medicine for the same.

The syrup must be stores in a cool, dark and dry place which does not affect the composition of the syrup. It should not be refrigerated and the patient must also make sure the syrup has not expired.

One can search for Torex cough syrup online in order to get information about the syrup. The online available information can be accessed by patients in order to get additional information like the side effects, dosage and price of the syrup.


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