Treating Insomnia with Chakra Healing Therapy

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“My prayer is for everyone to embrace the flow of Shakti into their lives as Divine Grace.”-Yogini Shmbhavi  L. Chopra, an eloquent mystic ,Yogini & Preacher of Shakti Sadhana at the American Institute of Vedic Studies. In the Tantric theology, Man has in himself, an inert power, coiled at the Muladhara or anus which when awakened leads the man to be truly and sublimely holy, both in the body and soul.

This is the very “flow of Shakti” that Mrs. Chopra is trying to instruct us. The proper functioning of the Chakras cause the body and soul to be in harmony with each other.  In this context, we may rightly infer that sleeplessness could be a result of a type of misbalance in the chakras for which we could take a vist to a Chakra Healing Therapy Center.

Sleep is one of the most important things that are required to stay healthy and work the next day. However, while we grow older; our sleep keeps on going down. While you and I were children, your intelligences, hearts, as well as souls are unpolluted. We did not have a thing to worry about irrespective of the occurrence of a worldly affair or a spiritual impasse. However, as youngsters; we might have had worried about our friendships or our relationships but nothing had an extensive impact on our lives.

But as soon as we begin to accumulate worries day by day irrespective  of them either being from intentionally or without an intention. Our worries and indulgence into worldly responsibilities so overpower us that it consumes excessive amount of our time so much that we tend lose touch with ourselves, both spiritual and physiological. As a result, our Chakras become lose their calm and are rippled as a stone thrown into a pond. The loss of balance in the Muladhara Chakra causes us to lose sleep.

Here are 3 means of curing the Muladhara Chakra imbalance:

  • First, try to disconnect from the worldly and spend more time in spiritual activities like Asanas or postures such as Sukhasana, Padmasana, Tadasana as well as Vrksasana. Pujas(Worship) and other such Kriyas are also important.
  • Go out into nature. Take long walks in Nature’s bosom; spend more time in gardens ad forests and orchards. Strike a balance between solitude and your family life.
  • Fear or Bhaya is a dangerous threat to inner peace and causes a gruesome imbalance in your sleep. To treat your sleeplessness, and your Muladhara Chakra imbalance, get rid of the negativity. Trust calmly on Divine Providence and on yourself.

Fnally, I would like you to keep yourself attuned to both earth and heaven through meditations and pay a visit to a Chakra Healing Therapy Center as soon as you can. Do not take your insomnia and the power of Chakra Healing for granted.

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