Use of Human Growth Factors in Skin Care

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Human growth factors or growth factors are protein compounds that regulate the production and development of cells in the body. They are found as floating particles between cells, communicating relevant messages regarding growth and healing. They are secreted by each cell present in the epidermis and dermis (outermost layer of skin and the deeper layer of skin respectively) – the superficial layer of skin cells called the keratinocytes, the collagen house of the body called fibroblasts and the pigment making cells called melanocytes. They bind with cell receptors present of the cell surface to communicate messages to reproduce, repair and rejuvenate their structure. 

It’s a lock and key connection – when the growth factors are together with the cell receptors, they unlock the mystery to supple, elastic skin, increased blood flow to the cells and youthful-looking skin. As we grow older, this lock-and-key system begins to get rusty due to sun damage, pollution, stress, and many other factors. The production of growth factors reduces and the skin begins to look thinner, less supple and loses its natural elasticity. Other signs include the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots, uneven skin texture, etc.

Growth Factors in Skin Care Products

Technological advancement in the last few decades has enabled the cosmetic and skincare industry to reverse engineer the cell formation and growth patterns on the human body, to leverage this science into carefully crafted products. Using human cells like skin cells, bone marrow cells, fat cells, blood cells or bio-engineered from plant and animal sources such as snails, barley seeds, and others. The most ideal of all these growth cells for skin health is the one obtained from fibroblasts. Growth factor skin care products obtained from fibroblasts target cell growth and development of the skin cells. 

Do not think that these growth factor skin care products contain actual bits of human skin. That would not be hygienic. They only contain the proteins these fibroblast cells give off. Skincare manufacturers garner these proteins and infuse them into products like serums, moisturizers, etc. Many companies obtain these proteins from neonatal fibroblasts, as these proteins are in their nascent stage and quickly adapt to new environments. They also show accelerated growth patterns like cell movement, cell repair, and others.

Benefits of Growth Factor Skin Care Products

Some benefits that you can derive from using skin care products containing growth factors are:

  • Stimulate the biochemical functions of skin cells in the body to accelerate skin repair and rejuvenation

  • Removes intrinsic signs of aging including reduced cell proliferation, reduced collagen production, damaged elastic fibers in the skin and thinning of the skin dermis

  • Removes extrinsic signs of aging such as fine lines, wrinkles, skin laxity, uneven skin, the roughness of skin, large pores, dryness, discoloration, dark spots, etc.

  • Repair signs of damage from environmental factors like sun, pollution, humidity, etc. 

  • Some other benefits of these proteins are blood vessel formation, reduced inflammation, increased production of white blood cells, etc.

Human Growth Factor PRP Serum

Human Growth Factor PRP Serums are concentrated skincare solutions containing growth factors derives from PRP or Platelet-Rich-Plasma. This serum is enriched with 2-3 times the normal amount of platelets found in circulating blood and platelet-driven growth factors that assist cell growth and rejuvenation. These human growth factor PRP serums form the new-age system of biochemistry and biotechnology in the field of anti-aging skincare solutions. 

Why You Should Try Human Growth Factor PRP Serums

This advanced product has many benefits that could match what you are looking for in an anti-aging product:

  • Growth factors are natural proteins obtained from living cells of humans, plants or animals. When you use a growth factor skin care product, you supply your skin with more of what it has and needs. This makes it a natural, safe and effective anti-aging ingredient.

  • Anti-aging procedures like laser treatments, plastic surgeries, etc. are common with the generation today. These invasive procedures are highly expensive and risky in nature. Growth factors fight off many of the signs and symptoms of aging that one faces, thus delaying the need for them. They can also help extend the life of such a procedure by restoring cell growth, and taking care of the skin

  • If you ask a skin expert, they would recommend not one, but a combination of skincare ingredients like vitamin C, Retinol, Hyaluronic Acid, etc. to fight signs of aging. Growth factors mix well with most of these skincare ingredients, making it easy to add to all skincare regimes

  • Given they are already present in the body, growth factors are gentle to all skin types, including sensitive skin. People have witnessed very little or no reaction to growth factors. 

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