What gave conventional hotels a run for their money?


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When we read the title, we draw many inferences from it. There can be various meanings to it. But, the one we are going to focus upon is a unique one. Some 5 or 6 years back, the hospitality sector was hugely different. All the hotels used to house snobs that refused to give the customers their fair share of attention and acknowledgment.

There were no such things as coupons or deals to make hotel bookings cheaper. And, if there were some deals, they were not as huge in number as they are nowadays. We have many things that deserve huge thanks for making us see these days where the customer is king! From the technological advancements to the internet and from start-ups to the global rise in traveling as a hobby – there are many factors for this thing!

The following post is a reflection on these few things that made the conventional hotels run for their money. So, gear up and read to find some pointers to book cheap accommodations for your next travel.

1 – Internet Savvy Consumer:

People have become internet savvy today. They spend a lot of time online and online marketing has become a thing. With every single thing screaming for the attention of the online people, the hotels had to offer something! That something got morphed into a completely customer-oriented service portfolio. As if that was not enough, the marketing and customer grabbing became even more intense. And, the hotels had to rethink their pricing as well. 

So, the next time your mommy says that being online for the whole day is not going to do anything good to you; smirk internally. Be smug about your contribution to making brands run for making the service industry better.

2 – Evolving of travelling as a hobby!

Traveling used to be a luxury a few years back. The vacation was a thing that was meant for the rich and influential. Apart from the tickets, the accommodation costs and activities’ prices used to be completely out of the budget for a huge number of people. It was not just about the prices and expenses. The availability of the right information was also limited. However, modern times brought traveling as a hobby and made the culture of traveling on a low budget popular. 

People are traveling on a shoestring budget these days. They are exploring new places without burning their pockets. Instead of opting for the expensive hotels, they are opting for budget stays. And the goodies such as Oyo room coupons are making them save money like a pro!

3 – Start-ups have done their part!

The culture of start-ups led to the development of many things. People are now able to enjoy bed and breakfast services everywhere in the world. Many people have started offering an unused portion of their homes for traveler accommodations. This has helped them to earn some money as well. Many start-ups have dedicated themselves to offer all kinds of traveler information in one place. Many start-ups focus on offering all kinds of bookings at one place; from tickets to accommodations. 

And, many start-ups offer all the online deals such as Oyo room offers at one place! So, the customer has access to all kinds of information to make their travel and vacation easier in every manner. Now, when travelers have millions of budget options, they don’t have to choose the conventional hotel system. They don’t have to pay hefty rents and tolerate incompetent services or inhospitable staff.

4 – Interests have changed a lot!

The interests of people have changed a lot! They no longer want to spend their vacation in the confined rooms of hotels. They want to stay under the stars and are coming out of their comfort zone. The tourist places that are blessed with natural beauty are also the best places to indulge in camping and bonfires. And, nobody would prefer confined hotel rooms over a wonderful camp in some deep forest.

This is how the conventional hotel system became a completely changed entity and embraced the actual meaning of their domain – Hospitality!

So, which on are you going to prefer on your next vacation? An expensive hotel or a budget stay at some villa?

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