Why Big Brands are Choosing Small Advertising Agencies

small advertising agencies

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In the world of advertising, there is a common notion that bigger the name of the advertising agency, the better will be the creative standards of the ad campaigns. It remains an undeniable fact that an established agency in the market does make the process of making and shaping the brand smooth and hassle-free. Having better access to the resources along with an impressive record of clients and awards, their experience is more likely to go better for the creative and marketing needs of your brand.

Despite the countless advantages of the big agencies, the scenario is seen to be changing today. The renowned brands do hire big agencies as their main agency on record, but when it comes to making a smart manoeuvre with specific projects, they have started relying on small agencies to get the job done. This project may range from designing a website, to coming up with an ad campaign with a specific objective, to promoting a certain category of their service through BTL activities.

The immediate question that comes to mind is, why is it so? Here are four reasons as to why this shift of choice is being more frequently observed today:

  1. Innovativeness

Creativity and innovation is in the lifeblood of all the advertising agencies and therefore, is not just limited to those agencies that have a big staff and a bloated budget. In fact, smaller teams are believed to generate better ideas. The reason is simple – there is more accountability in a small agency. Fewer the people, more the responsibility and the right atmosphere of motivation can make the entire difference in the output. With their increased willingness to try something new, the small advertising agencies in Delhi NCR do provide an edge over the big agencies in the execution of the project.

  1. Specialized Services

Often called ‘boutique agencies’, the small agencies may not provide all type of services under one roof, but they are known to be specialists in the specific services they offer. For example, when it comes to digital marketing, you can look out for an agency handling all of your digital marketing needs, or you could seek a separate content marketing agency that specializes in creating content and generating traffic through SEO. Such expertise in one of the most important areas of marketing today will give you better output by building a better brand value and generating a good ROI.

  1. No dream killing budget

The big names come with high expenditures. The big advertising agencies in the market tend to charge huge prices for their services, guaranteeing you the prestigious names who will be working on your project. However, once a project comes on board, those people may or may not be working for the client. With a small agency, you will actually not face this problem. The hierarchy is pretty flat there, so the people you meet during the meetings for the regular development of your project will usually be the people doing the actual work. Without investing high value of money, you can actually be certain about your results when working with a small agency.

  1. A better humanistic approach

For the best output of results, any brand will like to work with an agency that equally treats your product like a baby as you do. This becomes more possible with a smaller agency. The small agency is more concerned about your goals and likes to ensure that you are happy and satisfied with its results. While the question for the big agency in terms of result may be the number of awards it receives, but for a small agency, it will more probably be, “did our inputs help our clients business grow?” 

It will be wise to take a call on the type of agency to be hired, depending on your requirements and budget. Undoubtedly, a huge number of small advertising agencies in Delhi NCR exists that surely are experts in adding value to your brand. So, instead of going the conventional way, the next time you wish to hire an agency, think small!

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