How to reinforce IVR system for providing amazing Customer Service?

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“Strive for continuous improvement, instead of perfection.”

— Kim Collins

Do you know the factor on which the business’s reputation depends? ‘The capability to handle support service queries perfectly.’

In order to ensure that there would be no room left for blunders, business owners often try to get a specialized service provider on board.

The voice channel is the platform on which maximum customer service interaction takes place. To elevate customers’ calling experience, call center providers in India, USA, etc. implement the IVR (interactive voice response) system. Ensuring the reliability of this system is extremely important because the quality of customer service depends on it.

Latest industry reports have disclosed that 83% of customers stop doing business with the company after getting an unpleasant experience with an IVR system. This fact should be enough to understand that why it is prominent to keep reinforcing the IVR system.

Here are the top 4 tips that would surely help to reinforce the IVR system:

1.    Add only important options

The voice channel is the favorite support medium for customers of all ages, and that’s why companies often get queries via calls. To ensure that customer calls get answered perfectly, business owners make contact with reputed call center providers in India.

To make sure that every query reaches to the right department, BPO firms add multiple options in the IVR menu. This seems like a good move from the business’s perception. However, the negative consequence of including numerous options is that CX levels get dropped to a great extent.

This is so because customers usually get frustrated when they have to listen to a litany of recorded instructions. After knowing this, it wouldn’t be incorrect to state that deep or complex IVR menus make a negative impact on the CSAT score.

Henceforth, it is highly suggested to add maximum 5 options in the IVR menu.

2.    Let customers speak to agents

To strengthen the business’s reputation, it is paramount to ensure that customers always get impeccable solutions. Whenever customers make a call to contact the company, they first enter into the IVR menu where several options are given to choose.

Multiple choices are given so that customers can solve issues by choosing an appropriate option. This is a win-win factor for both customers and the company. This is so because customers don’t have to wait to get connected with agents whereas the company doesn’t have to deal with huge support requests.

Unlike millennial customers, ‘Generation X’ often gets stuck in the loop of numerous options, which, in turn, leads to the hassle of increased negative reviews. To save the business’s brand image, it is imperative to add an option in the IVR menu that allows customers to speak with support agents.

3.    Give a call back choice

Handling mammoth customer call traffic isn’t a cakewalk, and most of the business owners are familiar with this fact, therefore, they approach call center providers in India, USA, etc. Well, there is no doubt that BPO firms handle customer service queries perfectly. But to give an impeccable support experience, it is vitally important to take care of every aspect, be it small or big.

In order to streamline the IVR system, call back option should be added because customers generally have to wait in a queue after choosing the alternative that connects with support agents. When customers are done with waiting, they are more likely to disconnect the call, which indirectly raises questions on the business’s credibility.

The two major reasons behind the high waiting time are:

  • Unavailability of customer service reps.
  • Poor telecom network.

Here, the significance of call back service gets amplified as it allows customers to continue their daily routine work without worrying about solutions.

4.    Ask customers about the IVR system

Being a BPO firm owner, if you really want to reinforce your IVR system, never neglect customers’ negative reviews. Customers can easily help to identify the hidden errors of the IVR system as they are the one who is using it.

Hence, it is significant to tell support agents to ask customers about the IVR system after providing the expected solutions. In addition, questions related to the reliability of IVR system should be added into the feedback forms. After getting feedbacks from customers, suitable changes should be made into the IVR system.

Apart from soliciting opinions from customers, here are some suggestions that would help to optimize the IVR system:

  • Arrange meetings with support service reps regarding the changes that should be made in the IVR menu.
  • Recordings of customer service interactions should be monitored in order to find out those options that customers usually don’t choose.

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