Lessons to Learn From Obsolete Door-To-Door Sales

Remember those afternoons during the summer vacation, you used to lounge on the sofa watching your favorite cartoons and suddenly the doorbell rang? You used to rush to the door only to get disappointed by a salesman who you didn’t understand how is surviving in the excruciating summer outside. Before you could say anything, he would start giving a demo of a new cleaning broomstick and numerous other household products and your mother will immediately go ahead and shut the door, saying that she isn’t willing to purchase anything.

This often used to put the salesman in misery but he must be making at least a few sales because nobody would go door to door if he isn’t making any profits. In fact, there was a time when salesmen were helping businesses across the retail and manufacturing domains sellout and bring home enormous profits. However, as time changed and businesses went online, the door-to-door business strategy gradually faded to the point of extinction.

However, what a lot of businesses in domains like call center outsourcing don’t realize is that they can learn a lot from salesmen. Yes, you read that right because these were the people who relentlessly worked hard to sell so many products and they can be deemed as an inspiration for the people, who render call center services. Let’s take a look at what you can learn from these sales ninjas.

Convincing Doesn’t Always Work

You may be an agent sitting in a call center in India, trying hard to make a sale and convince a customer but all this effort will go waste if you keep pushing. You aren’t a cute Girl Scout selling cookies for a dollar, don’t push the customer. Instead, be direct and go for questions like, “do you see yourself buying this in the coming weeks.” If they say yes then follow up later but don’t keep convincing the customer in the first call.

Get a Follow-Up

This is something that everyone who renders call center services needs to understand. Following up isn’t about bugging the customer the very next day, it is about asking them about a reasonable time when they would like to talk about the purchase. This is something that salesmen are really good at and if you have come across one, you would agree for sure. They at the end of their demo are direct and persuasive to make sure that if they have to come back again to make the sale, the efforts don’t go waste.

Read the Signs

A lot of times, customers act polite and don’t put down a call even when they aren’t interested in buying anything. You are not having a face to face conversation like a salesman but you still need to read the signs. Wasting time whilst rendering call center services, reduces your productivity and affects overall performance metrics. So, during the conversation, you need to see how involved the customer is acting because if he interacts and asks questions, he might be interested in the purchase. Otherwise, you know that this is just another cold call not going anywhere that doesn’t deserve more efforts.

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These are just a few things that one can learn from a salesman, especially when it comes to cold calling. However, this knowledge sure has many benefits that you can witness with enhanced sales and profits in the long run.

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