Reasons To Live In Goa For At Least Once In Your Life

Life in a metro city can be stressful due to the competitive spirit present in every individual, pressure to earn more, rising living expenses, and lack of nature. In the smallest state of India, however, you would be able to relax completely because lifestyle in Goa is laid back and peaceful, people here are not competitive, and there is immense nature everywhere.

This is why a lot of celebrities and businesspersons own properties in Goa so that they can come to this heavenly abode and unwind their minds. The reasons mentioned below explain why the increasing number of people are looking for service apartments in Goa.

Wide Landscape

One of the popular reasons why Goa is visited by millions of national and international tourists each year is its wide landscape. You will find sun, sand, and sea. Apart from that, there are numerous wildlife sanctuaries, an expanse of forests and farmland, fresh breeze, lack of pollution, and innumerable water streams, waterfalls, rivers, and other water bodies. Furthermore, Goa also has hills.

So, you can swim in the sea and carry out all the water-related activities as well as go for trekking, cycling, jogging on the beach, or camping. There are numerous secluded areas in Goa, which are apt for finding complete peace and solace. Additionally, Goa offers various thrilling activities too.

Mixed Culture

The Goan culture is a mix of Konkani tradition and Portuguese influence. Almost 25% of the population of Goa follows Christianity while you will find people settled here belonging to various religions, countries, backgrounds, and spiritual beliefs. A noteworthy thing about Goa is that all the people living here respect one another’s religion and live harmoniously. They allow freedom for all people to follow their spiritual and religious beliefs.

Moreover, due to tourism, Goans are accustomed to interacting with tourists. So, people here are open-minded, friendly, welcoming, and warm. They are extremely approachable and love helping others. In India, you will find the least judgmental people living here.

Serene Beaches

The coastline of Goa is lined up with serene beaches. There are so many beaches here, that you can visit a new one every day for more than a month. Most of the beaches have shacks serving a variety of food and alcohol. Also, almost all the Goan beaches are flat, which makes them ideal for swimming. However, wherever you spot red flags on a beach, avoid swimming in that area.

All of the beaches have different vibes. North Goan beaches like Vagator, Anjuna, Baga, and Calangute are where you will find most of the happening places in Goa. Parties are hosted every day in these areas and you will find thrilling water sports being carried out here.

If you want to visit an isolated beach that is calmer and does not see notable tourist footfall, you can visit Agonda, Butterfly, Polem, and South Goan beaches. These beaches are not commercialized and are cleaner than North Goan beaches.

Appetizing Food And Cheap Alcohol

Goan cuisine is highly scrumptious. Seafood served with spicy curries and refreshing aroma would appease your taste buds. Moreover, due to global settlers, you can explore all kinds of cuisines like Mediterranean, German, Italian, French, Indian, etc.

You will also find reasonable alcohol available in every nook and corner of Goa. The majority of departmental stores keep a stock of almost all kinds of alcohol. Even the pubs, shacks, and clubs offer popular alcoholic beverages. This is because the tax on alcohol in Goa is significantly low, which makes alcohol cheaper.

Laid Back Lifestyle

Goa has work-less-chill-more kind of a lifestyle. Even if people are working here throughout the day, it feels like a holiday. This is because most of the locals here own guest houses, rental services, cafes, restaurants, pubs, shacks, etc., and their work involves interacting with hundreds of people each day. Their work attire includes wearing shorts, a t-shirt, and other casual clothing.

The locals here support all kinds of artists. You will find numerous performers, writers, painters, designers, and creative heads of all kinds. They love talking about their passion, journey and stories, and listening to the experiences of tourists, which makes them chilled out and open-minded.

Finding Yourself

When you will be living in Goa, you will have a lot of time for yourself. You can think about your life deeply and make sound choices. The beach, the sun, and refreshing air would clear your mind like nothing else.

There are numerous meditation centers in Goa as well. You can learn meditation and de-stress your mind and body. Moreover, as you interact with unfamiliar people, you will discover more about yourself.

The Bottom Line

Goa is probably the best place to live in India if you love nature, silence, and making new friends. Here, you can be as social as you want, and take advantage of being able to talk to people of all kinds.

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